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Lincoln 3250d welding helmet
With the high rates of health and safety risks associated with the welding industry, picking a proper helmet, as much as it seems so simple can be very challenging. Every welder needs to have a feeling of safety and security while on the job even on the days that working hours are somehow long. They
Welders Flash Arc Burn
Welder’s flash is a sensation of burning in your eyes that occurs after you have worked with a welding torch. Formally, the condition is called a corneal flash burn. It results in inflammation of the cornea. Some people also refer to the condition as arc flash burns. The cornea is the surface of the eyeball.

Radnor RDX60 Welding Helmet Review

Radnor RDX60 Welding Helmet Review
Being able to have a high quality helmet is essential when welding. In this profession, eye injuries are one of the most common types of injuries and it can be prevented by wearing a good helmet. By not wearing a helmet, not only can you get injured by flying materials, but you can also get

Radnor RDX81 Welding Helmet Review

Radnor RDX81 Welding Helmet Review
We all know how crucial these welding helmets are. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional welder or do welding every now and then – if you don’t protect your eyes with a helmet you might end up suffering from welder’s eye, a degenerative condition that might lead to complete blindness.

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