Radnor RDX81 Welding Helmet Review

Radnor RDX81 Welding Helmet ReviewWe all know how crucial welding helmets are. It doesn’t matter if you're a professional welder or do welding every now and then – if you don’t protect your eyes with a helmet you might end up suffering from welder’s eye, a degenerative condition that might lead to complete blindness.

So, looking for a brand new welding helmet that just ticks all the right boxes? Look no further. Radnor, a trusted name when it comes to manufacturing welding helmets and personal protective equipment, brings you Radnor RDX81 Welding Helmet – their top of the line product with unique features and a truly gorgeous design.

In this short piece, we are going to review this premium product from Radnor. We will cover each small detail so that we can help you decide whether the RDX81 is ideal for you!

Auto-darkening Lens:

Most modern welding helmets contain the auto-darkening lens, and Radnor RDX81 Welding Helmet is no exception to this. Basically, you can work and examine your projects without even removing your helmet as it would instantly adjust to the surrounding lighting condition and make sure projects are easily visualized. Plus, the Radnor RDX81 uses LCD technology that can differentiate between the slightest of differences in lighting conditions, making rapid adjustments. Add to that the time lost for flipping your helmet continuously in case of low-end helmets with no auto darkening feature, and you will know why the auto-darkening lens from Radnor RDX81 is a no-brainer.

Viewing area:

This welding helmet from Radnor has a viewing area of 5 inches by 4 inches. Which is quite impressive compared to other helmets in the same price range. In fact, most other competitors are well behind Radnor. The benefits of the wide viewing area are that you can see your projects better without changing the direction or position of your helmet. As you can see, RDX81 is all about comfort and positive user experience.

Shade setting:

There are different arc sensors in this RDX81 welding helmet, each one designed to detect different light shades. The darkening lens speed of this helmet is set at 1/200000, which is pretty impressive considering the competitors. Plus, this one reacts pretty quickly in response to different shades of light and adjust the light or darkness to save the user from harmful exposure.


For welding helmets, weight is extremely crucial. Imagine someone putting a heavy weight on your head and then asking you to carry on your day to day tasks. We know, it sounds ridiculous and utterly pathetic. That’s why Radnor decided to make this welding helmet a lightweight one, weighing only 1 pound. Basically, you won’t feel a thing while working with this one meaning no strain on your neck!


We understand that when you are spending around 300 bucks for a welding helmet, you would ask for maximum comfort and ease of use. Well, that’s exactly what Radnor strived for while designing and manufacturing this product. Made of plastic, this helmet is a lightweight one, and you can easily maneuver it with one hand. Furthermore, the exterior design is quite superior to competitors with smooth external edges and wonderful finishing. Besides, the color seems to be a pretty durable one and should last for a long time without a shred of doubt.


If Radnor is known, for one thing, it is the reliability of their brand. They have been in the business for quite some time and are the first choice for many welders. While most of their products are bit pricey but when you consider the features and the reputation of Radnor, we guess it’s a win-win situation for you.

  • Great build quality that can compete with most established brands
  • The wider viewing area of 5 inches by 4 inches allows users to visualize a much greater surface area than conventional welding helmets
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Variable shades endows users with lot more flexibility when it comes to types of projects users can take on
  • Included warranty by the manufacturer
  • The product is a bit pricey compared to other brands. So, not suitable for a hobbyist.
  • The headband on the top of the welding helmet might be a bit troublesome for some users.
User Reviews

For this specific product, we scoured the web for customer feedbacks and opinions. Our experts compiled a list of customers feedbacks and came up with following findings –

  • Most customers are highly satisfied with the large viewing area of the helmet
  • Auto-darkening lens is pretty good and does its job perfectly
  • Some users complained of a poor build quality, which is quite the opposite of our expert opinion. Still, there were voices against the build quality of helmet, and hence, the company should take note of that and improve upon in the future.
  • Overall, customer feedbacks are positive, but again some customers complained of poor after sales services, which is quite alarming considering the stiff competition Radnor faces for this specific product.
The verdict

Now, it’s time for the final word. We have covered the product in great detail and can assure you that our experts were impartial throughout the reviewing process. So, would we recommend this product to our readers? Well, if you are looking for top-notch product and are willing to spend a handsome amount for that then this Radnor RDX81 is a perfect fit for your cause. But we would only recommend this product to hardcore professionals. If welding is your hobby, then go and buy something cheaper.