Lincoln Viking 3250D FGS Review

Lincoln 3250d welding helmetWith the high rates of health and safety risks associated with the welding industry, picking a proper helmet, as much as it seems so simple can be very challenging. Every welder needs to have a feeling of safety and security while on the job even on the days that working hours are somehow long. They therefore need high class protection. They need welding gear that they can trust to shield them for longer periods.

In addition, in any fabrication area, there are key things to be upheld such as safety, optic clarity, productivity, comfortability, optimal performance and also it is important to select one from a reputable manufacturer. This ensures that you have a proper background of the company and helps you to know whether it is certified or not.

Leading Optics

The Viking 3250 from Lincoln is so efficient since it has the industry’s leading optics. It is integrated with a clear grind shield that has an anti-fog coating. This is very essential for the safety of the welder. It also has the exclusive 4C Lens Technology that unlike having the traditional lime green coloring which lessens color inundation, improves the clarity of the view and also reduces the rate at which the eyes strain.

Viking 3250D Large Field of View

The Viking 3250 also has perfect optical clarity. This is important since it gets rid of any blurry effects and distortion, and at the same time, it maintains an even shade. It is incorporated with Shade 5 side windows which remarkably intensify peripheral vision. The extremely large automated darkening display in this helmet ensures a wide view is provided to the welder. It therefore has the perfect quality of clarity that a welder requires in his job.

4C Lens Technology

It also has one of the new kinds of 4C Lens Technology, with 1/1/1/1 form of optical clarity. In this case, it provides maximum clarity and a real color view of the environs. It also gives an even shade from any angle of the lens. Having an auto darkening property, this helmet helps the welder to avoid certain kinds of discomforts such as raising or lowering the hood while welding which might lead to a neck discomfort, a lower rate of focus, and also lower quality welds. In a case where the helmet is auto darkened, a welder does not have to remove the helmet at all. This is so convenient for workflow.

3250 4c lens

Battery Life

This kind of helmet has increased battery life. This means that work can be done for longer periods without any form of interference becuase the longer you can see clearly, the longer you can weld. Therefore, this serves as an advantage to the welder as the overall productivity of his work will be better rated. It is thus a very reliable and efficient tool of work.

Making it more convenient, this helmet is both battery and solar powered. This is really a plus for the welder as it also reduces the costs that he will incur in purchasing a new battery once this one is used up. This creates a smooth form of work flow and enables longer lasting of the battery as the solar part takes up most of the working, although the battery itself also lasts long periods because it is easily rechargeable.

Comfort and Durability

No one would want to work in an uncomfortable environment. The Viking 3250 helmet is an improved head gear that is designed for purposes of greater and better comfort and also optimal fit. It has a pivot kind of style for a head gear that distributes the weight evenly, giving room for comfort.

This helmet also has a variety of tilt adjustments. These adjustments are quite a relief since one can make shifts according to their preference. It therefore meets specific ergonomic consumer needs. Viking 3250 helmet is evenly balanced for all day use. Not having an adjustable headgear can be very dangerous and extremely uncomfortable.


This helmet has an assurance of safety. This is because of the expanded field of vision which occupies both the open and closed positions make the inspection of material, grinding, and the general movements less perilous. Having being integrated with the ANSI Z87.1 compliant grind guard, it is very preferable as it can shield the welders from different kinds of impact hazards. This is very assuring for a welder as they know they have so much safety while doing their work.

Viking 3250D FGS Specifications
  • Lens Switching Speed - 1/25,000 sec
  • Optical Class - 1/1/1/1
  • Viewing Area - 2.95 in x 4.25
  • Arc Sensors - 4
  • Variable Shades - 5 to 13
  • Warranty - 3 Years
  • Expanded Field of Vision
  • Digital Controls